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We get excited about gear! A trip to NAB (National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas) is like a trip to Disney World for us. Video technology changes rapidly and we love to stay on the cutting edge.  Yet even with the latest, fanciest gear, the process of creating interesting visuals still begins with the creative and trained eye of a professional videographer. Our Director of Photography, VFX Supervisor, and production staff, using our comprehensive array of production equipment, have the skills and experience to capture that perfect shot.

For those gear-junkies, here’s a short list of some of our core production gear:

  • Canon C-300s (Prime and Zoom lenses)
  • Canon C-100 MkII
  • Canon DSLR’s
  • Lighting: Kino Flo, Arri, Zylight, Lowell (for studio & field applications)
  • Lectrosonics wireless mics
  • Schoeps boom mic
  • Teleprompters
  • Porta-Jib, dolly, tracks
  • edelkrone and Slyderdolly
  • GlideCam
  • Plus much, much more

Post production is where it all comes together. The creative juices really kick into high gear here.

Odyssey's post team of editor, graphics artist, and animator possess the expertise and creativity to bring your video message to life.  By combining the individual elements: video footage, graphics, animation, still photography, narration, music, sound f/x, etc., your vision is realized as a polished quality product.

We thrive on collaboration. We don’t compartmentalize our staff.   The writer, producer, DP, VFX supervisor, graphics artist and editor all stay involved in the project, throughout the post production making sure your vision is carried through from start to finish.

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vertical photo_1_w2.jpg

Every project starts with gaining an understanding of the client’s goals, requirements, and budget.  We work closely with our clients to define the project and create a plan that best suits their needs.
Pre-production services we offer include:

  • Script and content development
  • Location scouting
  • Storyboarding
  • Shot list creation
  • Talent scouting and casting

Sometimes projects don’t always go in the traditional ‘order’.  More often than you might think, we encounter scenarios where the need to capture footage is immediate.  Odyssey quickly responds with a production team, and excels at bringing the story to life through the review of footage and materials gathered.

“Beam me up Scotty.” With our studios large 25’ x 17’ x 14’ green screen and our compositing expertise, we excel in green-screen productions understanding the impact of light, shadows, exposure, distance and motion tracking.
Need green screen on location? No problem. Our 6ft, 12ft and 48ft portable green screens will fit most any need.

Why would you want to shoot against green?  Lots of reasons.  Physical sets can be costly to build. Desired environments might be too hazardous or remote. Budgeting, location, feasibility, flexibility.  Our reservoir of talented motion graphic and animation artists can construct custom-designed virtual environments to create the desired setting.  From a futuristic command center to the inside of a nuclear reactor, places too costly or dangerous to be, we can put you there.

2d & 3d motion graphics - signage - infographics

Graphics add tremendous value and appeal to your video. From the captivating title sequence, to energizing special effects, to dynamic graphics that come to life to tell a story, this is the world of motion graphics.
Often our customer’s ask us to demonstrate a process or concept that can only be shown through an artist’s visualization. Graphics and animations can be invaluable for conveying your vision.  Whether you have specific designs or want us to freestyle design concepts, we collaborate with you for the optimal graphical design to best convey your message.
We also produce content for digital signage, whether it’s for conferences and tradeshows, lobby areas, or enhancing your website.  Digital signage and animated infographics have the ability to bring focus to your message in the shortest amount of time. They convey relevant information in a visually interesting and concise manner to quickly engage your target audience.

Have an upcoming conference or event that you would like webcast live or archived for on-demand web streaming?  Odyssey provides comprehensive webcasting services.  We capture all desired elements such as your presenters, slides, graphics and other visuals, panel discussions, Q&A, and audience reaction. By using multiple cameras we put the web viewer in the middle of the action. After your live webcast, an archived recording is available on the web for later viewing.

Odyssey’s webcasting services include a variety of features such as incorporation of client logos and branding, real-time Q&A from the web audience, mobile device compatibility, and viewer statistics.   We also offer editing and authoring of tailored interactive products, that can be easily hosted on the web, and include desired portions of a live event combined with other custom content.